Posted by: afterbaedeker | 11 October, 2011

To update for the sake of updating

It has been brought to my attention that my commitment (predictably) to this blog is sorely lacking. An overview of things I hope to expand upon in future updates (she says optimistically), include, but are not limited to:


  • Cocktails at WTF (a little slice of Melbourne tucked away in Thong Lor)
  • Cocktails and Tasting Menu at Breeze (what a view!)
  • Tasting Menu at Sra Bua (confirming my belief that Molecular Gastronomy = foam)
  • Brunch at Hyde & Seek (long craved for poached eggs found and adored)
  • Brunch at Horse That Goes Moooo (croque flammkuchen where have you been all my life?)
  • Drinks at Fat Gut’z, Iron Fairies and Clouds (all run by Aussie Ashley Sutton in Thong Lor)


  • Marinsky Ballet performance of La Corsaire
  • Blue Planet accompanied by orchestra whose name I forget
  • MOVE performance of The Red Noctornual, Les Oiseaux and Atonement (premiere)
  • Vienna Boys Choir


  • Chiang Mai (minimum 2 day getaway)
  • Khon Koen (minimum 2 day getaway)
  • Ayutthya (good 1 or 2 day getaway from BKK)
  • Ko Kret (great half day cycle option to get out of BKK)

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