Posted by: afterbaedeker | 25 March, 2015

Have you packed everything?

I have a rather laissez-faire approach to packing for trips, and by that I mean I generally leave it until the night before or the morning of travel to transfer stuff into a bag. This, to the shock of none, sometimes means I arrive at my destination without some stuff I rather wish I had.

To be clear, I remember the essentials: ticket, money, passport… and phone:

But it is in the forgetting of something that I value just how much it means to me to travel with it. Which is how I discovered my number one don’t-depart-Australia-without-it item is vegemite. At age 20 and after a couple of months backpacking in Europe I remember blogging to never leave home again without vegemite or a razor (sadly the second item was once again forgotten during my recent central Asia expedition, but I digress) because I was in desperate need of both. Ah, vegemite, you source of comfort (and vitamin b and iron) you, you’ve been my constant companion for more than a decade now.


My revised DO NOT FORGET list includes:

  • hydrogen peroxide*
  • (my preferred brand of) Irish breakfast tea
  • multi-region adaptor
  • (my preferred brand of) toothpaste
  • vegemite
  • wet-ones**

Things I am grateful to have packed (when remembered):

  • bandaids
  • berocca
  • hairbursh
  • milo
  • razor

I’m curious as to what fellow travellers always pack when heading off to places flung far from home. Do you always remember to take a certain something because of convenience, comfort, necessity or habit? Or another reason entirely?

* hydrogen peroxide is a new addition to the list since my scrape with some coral in Belize. For someone who injures themselves as often as I do, I’m surprised H2O2 didn’t make the list sooner.

** recommended to me by a seasoned traveller before I moved to south-east asia, wet-ones are the ultimate hand sanitiser-tissue-toilet paper-face wipe


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