Posted by: afterbaedeker | 4 April, 2015

Dear Baedeker…

Dear Baedeker,

We’ve got a few days in Sydney and would like to day trip outside the city to see something scenic and also stop at a wildlife park where we can see kangaroos, koalas, and such.  We were originally thinking of a Hunter Valley tour since we both like wine (there’s a tour that stops at Walkabout Park), but thanks to some scheduling issues with Hunter Valley, we’re strongly considering a Blue Mountains tour (stops at Featherdale Wildlife Park and includes a river tour back to Sydney).

If you only had one day and had to choose between Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley, which would you choose?

Temporary Tourists

Dear Temporary Tourists,

If you’ve just got the one day ~ and factoring in unique tourist opportunity as opposed to amazing food and wine enjoyment ~ then I think opting for the Blue Mountains is the way to go. The Three Sisters are a spectacular sight, and Featherdale is a good wildlife park. HOWEVER, just to throw a spanner in the works, if you only go to one zoo or animal sanctuary I really do recommend Taronga Zoo in Sydney, so if there’s a tour that goes out and back sans Featherdale that could be the way to go, or opt for the train which is pretty easy. But then the river tour sounds great. CHOICES! Perhaps you two will simply have to go to both Featherdale and Taronga and get as exposed to as many different native Aussie creatures as possible.

Basically, just check out where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and baby Prince George) visited in 2014 and you’ll have a top itinerary: Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, Blue Mountains, and Uluru.

Happy travels,



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